th-44One of our assignments this week was to notice kindness everywhere we were and share at least 2 examples with the MKMMA group.  This has been a fun and heartwarming endeavor.

I found that the more I looked for kindness the more I saw.  It’s similar to the day you buy a new car.  All of a sudden you see that type of car everywhere!  Would you believe there is kindness everywhere around us?

th-47My favorite “sighting” this week happened on my School Bus.  I’ve named it a “kindness collision!”  Four High School students stood up at the same time to get off of the bus.  They all stood in place waiting for the other to go first.  I laughed and they laughed.  As they finally started moving they all got off of the bus with big grins on their faces.

What a joy to see that there is so much good going on around us despite the news that is reported.  I am so grateful for this assignment and to have my eyes opened to see that kindness abounds.