th-57One of the bonuses of being involved in Mark J’s Go90Grow program is a “live” event in Kauai, Hawaii.  When this was offered for this coming May Mark suggested that we should establish our intention and the method would follow.   I had decided that I would take his advice and signed up to attend.  As time went by it didn’t look like the funds would be available and I contacted them and said I would not be coming after all.

A week or so ago they opened up the invitation again and I watched the video describing the course and activities that would be taking place.  As I considered what we have been learning in this MKMMA class and Mark’s comment mentioned above I decided to go after all.  There is still a bit of concern about finances but I KNOW that abundance is everywhere and available to me.

Charles Haanel mentions abundance often and says something to the effect of  – when we center our thoughts on abundance it will be manifested.

One of the assignments for this week was to watch one of two videos.  The video I preferred was “Finding Joe.”  This video is based on the teachings of Joseph Campbell who studied mythology.  He found that all stories told in all cultures are based on what he calls the “Hero’s Journey.”

I had watched this several months ago with my teenage son and we paused it often to discuss what they were saying.  Since then I have wanted to watch it without interruption and took this assignment as that opportunity.  As I considered the message of the movie I am more and more excited about the trip to Hawaii and the changes that I am experiencing in the MKMMA program.

One of the speakers said “Fear is one thing that keeps us from the mountaintop. “  One of the reasons I had been holding myself back from the trip to Hawaii based on the fear of telling others I was going.  What would they think?  I was especially concerned about my brother who knows that finances are struggle for me at the moment.  But, I want to reach the mountaintop and learn all that I can to be successful and find my bliss.  So, off I go!

In “Finding Joe” they defined bliss as “beingness, consciousness, a deep impulse within us.”  It “does not mean we get addicted to pleasure, it’s not selfishness or escapism.”  We need to “let go and accept the possibilities of the present.”  One speaker suggests that we should “put ourselves in an uncomfortable position at least every seven days.”  So, this trip is my uncomfortable position at the moment and I am so grateful for the challenges it is presenting and will present.

As one speaker says in the movie, I am “taking responsibility for my own adventure” and finding the courage needed to do so.  I am ready to “face fear and grow beyond it and gain power.”’

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  Joseph Campbell

I love this story they shared if you’d like to watch one more video.  🙂