About Me

I am finding the real me through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance with Mark J.

edited_alice_2013Early this year I signed up as a distributor with Yoli.  While researching network marketing and how to be successful I found Mark J (worldslaziestnetworker.com.)  He offers training through his business called Go90Grow.  The MKMMA is one of the amazing bonuses he offers.

I am learning so much about the subby (subconscious mind) and how it affects our experience.  It is an exciting journey!

I currently drive a School Bus and love dealing with the children, but I am looking forward to growing my Network Marketing business “effortlessly” as Mark says.

No more “Wonderland” for me!


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, Thanks so much for following my blog (http://masterkeyme.wordpress.com). I have created business website/blog and created a sub-blog for the MKMMA. My new MKMMA blog is at” http://MasterKey.SmBizLifeSaver.com
    What a ride we are on with the Master Keys, we are all growing…
    In Gratitude, Jude (Baby Boomer Chick)

  2. Hi Alice, I know it’s a busy time of the year. I’ve been checking on the blog comments and I can’t find your comments for Julie Booz’s blog or Deb Waldron’s blog. Can you please let me asap when you’ve commented on their blogs? My email is cgansl@yahoo.com.au. Please delete this comment once you’ve finished with it. I didn’t know how else to contact you.

  3. Alice, I bet your warm and sunny smile has a tremendous impact on the the children you ‘shine on’ every day! How wonderful for them!

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