Press Release

July 20, 2018 – School Bus driver to Entrepreneur

By Chip Davis

I finally caught up with Alice Eubank, a graduate of McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College) for an interview.

Alice has been involved with a number of positions since graduating and finally found her niche in Network Marketing.  I was assigned to interview her for a business course here at our college to show others how she achieved her success.

6454_3_thumbAlice greeted me at the door to her summer home in Waterford, Maine.  It is a lovely cottage right on Keoka lake with a small beach for her grandchildren to play on.  We are sitting at a round table covered with a red tablecloth on a large screened porch that overlooks the lake.  The view overlooking the bright blue lake is peaceful and the area is quiet except for an occasional motor boat going by.

How did you get started with Network Marketing?

At one point in my life I had been a Consultant for a home party company.  I had decided to try that type of business again but soon decided that I no longer enjoyed that type of business.  Then my sister introduced me to a network marketing company that I joined with her.  We both got off to a slow start until I discovered  This website led us to join Go90Grow which is run by Mark Januszewski.  In this program Mark teaches the skills necessary to become a successful network marketer.  You see, this is a skills based business.

What are these skills?

g90growlogo4Basically we are taught how to talk to a prospective recruit, what goes through their head as you speak to them and so on.  I have learned that the subconscious mind is the decision maker and you have to speak directly to that.  As you learn and practice the skills you find that you recruit effortlessly.

That sounds amazing!

It is a wonderful program and through the various training options they offer I developed the self-confidence I needed to build my extremely successful team.

One of my needs was to build a lasting legacy for my son.  I am proud to say I have done that and then some!  Not only do I own this lovely cottage but I have become a “snow bird” and own another home in Melbourne, Florida, as well as creating a growing bank account and residual income that he will inherit.

You are able to travel back and forth and still maintain an income?

Yes, when you join a Network Marketing company you have the freedom to work wherever you are for only a few hours per week.  So, I take my work with me.  At this point I barely call it work because I enjoy meeting new people so much.  It’s a joy to see the light shine in their eyes as they discover the freedoms they can have with this business.


7 thoughts on “Press Release”

  1. I’m going to have a cabin on the lake, too. Can’t wait!

  2. Liked your press release and keep on moving towards your goal your a winner!

  3. mkcherriescorner said:

    You’re on your way and I would love to come and visit you one day……….please. The cottage beside the lake sounds so delightful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. How fantastic! I can feel and see your passion – you’re already there!

  5. Good thoughts:

    “At this point I barely call it work because I enjoy meeting new people so much. It’s a joy to see the light shine in their eyes as they discover the freedoms they can have with this business.”

    thanks, pat

  6. Beautiful vision Alice – may you achieve it with ease.

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