This day is full of wonderful examples of kindness!

Winter-SnowmanHere in New England we have been experiencing winter fully.   Currently the end of my driveway is covered with ice.  I first spread salt on the ice but that did not help.  Over by our Department of Public Works there is a sand pile which residents are free to use.  I drove over with a bucket and a garden shovel to get sand.  As I parked a man approached with a bigger shovel and offered to fill my bucket for me.  He even put it in the car!

th-60As I was spreading the sand at the end of the driveway a trash truck came down the hill.  Both gentlemen said good morning with big smiles!

I discovered that I had missed a payment on a bill and called the credit card company.  The woman that I spoke with was very kind.   She helped me make the payment and waived the fee!

th-59While at the grocery store the husband of a friend asked me if I posted on Facebook.
I replied that I did and he told me he enjoyed my funny posts!

I’m so grateful to be on the lookout for kindness and to witness it everywhere!

Love is in the air!